This feature length documentary explores the ravages of American suburban sprawl, what America has lost as a result, and the perils we face if we don�t change the way in which we build our cities.

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Hon. President
Bill Clinton

�And then finally, and I think most
important of all, more important than
the deficit, more important than
healthcare, more important than
anything, is we have got to do some-
thing about our energy strategy,
because if we permit the climate to
continue to warm at an unsustain-
able rate, and if we keep on doing
what we�re doing �til we�re out of oil
and we haven�t made the transition,
then it�s inconceivable to me that
our children and grandchildren will be able to maintain the American way of life and that the world won�t be much fuller of resource-based wars of all kinds.

And you really could have, all those Mel Gibson Road Warrior movies could look more and more like reality 100 years from now.
Speaking in the film:
Sprawling  From Grace; Driven To Madness

Gasoline Prices

Sprawling From Grace
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